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As per instructions at the General Conference Youth Ministries website, Pathfinders should be in uniform at all of the following occasions:

All Pathfinders meetings
Any public gathering when they will act as messengers, ushers, honor/color guards
On any occasion specified by the Pathfinder director
At special Pathfinder services
When engaging in witnessing or community service

There are two official Pathfinder uniforms:

Type A (Dress uniform)
Type B (Field uniform)

Because it is more simple, we will start with the Type B uniform, which is simply a T-shirt with the Club’s logo and name on it. This is the default uniform to be worn when no designation has been made. The Pathfinders may wear jeans and tennis shoes with this so that they may be ready for any activity (without concerns for modesty or durability). It is asked that Pathfinders with long hair have a hair tie so that they may stand at attention (when required) and not have to move (to brush hair aside, etc) or may partake in other activities that require rapid movement (where hair might get in the way). A simple ponytail is appropriate in this case (this holds true for Type A as well).

The Type A uniform has gone through a few revisions.

Naga View Pathfinder Club, c. 1982

The first major change took place in 1982, when the uniform changed from all kaki for guys and all forest green for girls to both guys and girls wearing kaki shirts and forest green pants/skirts. This changed again in 2000 when the forest green elements were changed to black. In 2011, some adjustments were made that will be reviewed again in 2015. The following reflects these changes.

The Type A uniform is to be worn with pride (not pride of self but pride for club – this distinction must be continually made for the benefit of all involved). It is not to be a symbol of achievement as much as a reflection of who one is (such as the honors on the sash reflect what a person has achieved, yes, but more reflect who they are and what they have become with God’s grace and hard work). Militarism is to be avoided and as such the sash and neckerchief must be worn at all times (with the Type A uniform) to make this distinction. The Type A uniform is to be fun to wear and only done so on special occasions (such as church programs, beginning and end of year meetings, drill performance, conference fairs, conference camporees, and outreach programs). It is NOT to be worn when Pathfinders are at play. The Type A uniform changes slightly from Pathfinder to Staff to Master Guide and the Pathfinder and Staff will be described on this page, the Master Guide uniform will be described on the Master Guide Uniform page (note that at the end there are further instructions for pin placement).

All Pathfinders to purchase the following for their first uniform:

Kaki shirt (purchased from Advent Source so that all uniforms are uniform)
White T-shirt to be worn under (to avoid stains)
Durable black pants/skirt (girls may wear pants unless drilling or in church)
Pants must be down to shoes
Skirts must be below the knees
Black Pathfinder belt and Pathfinder belt buckle (from Advent Source)
Black socks/stockings (girls must wear knee-high socks or stockings when in skirt)
Black dress shoes (must be close-toed and guys must have ties)
Black two-wide sash (from Advent Source)
Black beret (from Advent Source)

All Pathfinders will be given the following for their uniform at Induction/Join:

Yellow Pathfinder neckerchief and slider
Pathfinder pin (to be placed on the top right corner of the left flap)


Club arch (right sleeve, see guide below for sewing specifications)
Pathfinder triangle (right sleeve, see guide below for sewing specifications)
Conference (left sleeve, see guide below for sewing specifications)
Pathfinder globe (left sleeve, see guide below for sewing specifications)
Beret triangle (positioned over left eye and low, nearly touching base)

All Pathfinders will be given the following for their uniform at Investiture:


AY Class completion
Ribbon bar
Special (ex. Baptismal, TLT, TLT star, Bible Achievement, etc)


AY Class completion name
AY Class completion chevron
Honor completion

Staff uniforms are very similar to Pathfinders uniforms except for the following adjustments:

All Staff members must (in addition to the Pathfinder uniform specifics mentioned above) also include the following (all to be provided by the club from club dues):

Black necktie (for men) or tuxedo tie (for women)
Years of service pin (just to the right of the Pathfinder pin on the top left of left flap)
Baptismal pin (on the top right of left pocket flap – close to heart)


Rank strip (right sleeve, see guide below for sewing specifications)

Staff may also be qualified to wear the following:

Gold Stars (per shoulder epaulet):
5 stars – Conference Youth Director
4 stars – Conference Director
3 stars – Area Coordinator, Conference Chaplain
2 stars – Associate Area Coordinator, Area Chaplain
1 star – Club Director

Chaplain Crosses (per shoulder epaulet):
1 gold cross – Conference Chaplain, Area Chaplain (both in addition to stars)
1 sliver cross – Club Chaplain

Gold – All Directors, Area Coordinators, and Conference Staff
Burgundy – All Chaplains
Royal Blue – Drill Instructors
White – Medical personnel (those who are certified and/or professionals)
Red mixed with black – Teen Leadership Training (TLT)

Special instructions for pin and patch placement for both Pathfinders and Staff (for guides of actual placement click here):

All pins must be placed on the left pocket flap as follows:
AY class pins must be centered in line below top portion of left flap
Highest class pin must be above others and centered

Special pins include (but are not necessarily limited to):
Pastoral pin (to be placed on the top left corner of the left flap – move baptismal pin to the left of it in this case – to make it all fit)
Parenting Adventurer pins (to be placed on the lower portion of left flap in line with or near button)
Bible Achievement pin (to be placed below Baptismal pin)
AY ribbon bars must be in line and centered above AY class patch (above left flap)

Other ribbon bars must be centered above AY ribbon bars and may include:
Good conduct ribbon bar
Advanced good conduct ribbon bar
Bible Bowl ribbon bar
Drilling ribbon bar

Commemorative pins may be used as tie clips

Special head gear may include:
Kaki Garrison cap (tilted to the right with Pathfinder patch over left eye)

(It should be noted that not all conferences or clubs have accepted these changes, however, it is understood that there is an attempt to unify through these changes.)