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Level 1 in the Pathfinder Club is Friend.  Its advanced element is Trail Friend.

Friend is a course of study designed for improving mental, physical, spiritual, and social skills that will help one to be a better neighbor now and a friend of God throughout eternity.

Like all of the six levels, there are eight areas of study:

Personal Growth
Spiritual Discovery
Serving Others
Making Friends
Health and Fitness
Nature Study
Outdoor Living
Honor Enrichment

The new curriculum now offers three ways to track the progress of the Friend & Trail Friend (this has changed from the fold-out cards that the 1988 curriculum used).  Pdf’s of the new ways include: a Record Journal (by far, the best method), a Record Card (like what was used before), or a Record Chart (for a quick glance).  A director’s guide can also downloaded as a pdf.  Or these items may be purchased at Advent Source.  (Sometimes Advent Source can be hard to navigate, so just type in Friend Investiture Achievement and you will find these items quickly.)

At a glance, the Friend requirements are:

Personal Growth: be in the 5th grade, develop a devotional life (following specific requirements), memorize the Pathfinder Pledge and Law, and learn the Pathfinder Song.

Spiritual Discovery: memorize in order the names of the New Testament books, demonstrate ability to find any of them, memorize a bible text on 7 different specified subjects, participate in a skit on the life of Jesus, and learn about the worldwide Advent Awakening.

Serving Others: plan ways to spend time being a friend to someone in need and spend at least 4 hours participating in a project that benefits church or school .

Making Friends: discover 10 qualities of being a good friend and fulfill requirements 1, 2, and 3 in the Christian Citizenship Honor.

Health and Fitness: learn the value of good nutrition, earn the Red Alert honor, and complete Basic Water Safety or Beginner Swimming honor (if not already earned).

Nature Study: read Romans 1:19,20 and tell how nature reveals God’s character and find two other chapters that do the same, and set up a feeding station for birds or mammals, reporting on visitors for one week.

Outdoor Living: tie and know the practical use of 10 knots and earn the Camping Skills I honor.

At a glance, the Trail Friend requirements are:

Spiritual Discovery: complete Friend requirements & create a time line showing the main events of the life of Jesus.

Serving Others: complete Friend requirements & bring someone who does not regularly attend church to a church program or activity.

Making Friends: complete Friend requirements & complete the Christian Citizenship honor (if not previously earned).

Health and Fitness: complete Friend requirements & participate in a lifestyle fitness program.

Nature Study: complete Friend requirements, collect and identify 15 different kinds of seeds or set up and observe a terrarium, and complete a nature honor at skill level 1 (not previously earned).

Honor Enrichment: complete one honor at skill level 1 in Arts and Crafts or Household Arts and complete one honor at skill level 1 in Recreational, Vocational, or Outdoor Industries.

In summary, nearly every class level needs to complete a specific camping honor and a specific medical honor.  For Friend these are Camping Skills I and Red Alert.

Also every class level needs to have earned either Basic Water Safety or Basic Swimming (which may mean Beginning Swimming but we are not sure).  Naturally, once at least one of these has been earned this requirement is satisfied.

To complete the Trail Friend elements a Pathfinder needs to also earn the Christian Citizenship (other countries are also available at this link) honor and complete three new honors at skill level 1: (1) a nature honor, (2) an Arts and Crafts honor or a Household Arts honor, and (3) a Recreational honor, Vocational honor, or Outdoor Industries honor.  Only Trail Friend and Trail Companion need honors at skill level 1 so these might be done together in a Club.